MQX on Colibri iMX6ULL?

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MQX on Colibri iMX6ULL?

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We develloped in 2015 a board using Kinetis K70, with MQX 4.2 and PEG for the graphical part.

To compile PEG on C++, we used KDS.


Now, our customer want upgrade its board with cheaper and more sustainable solution.

In this aim, we the industrial board from "Toradex, Colibri IMX6ULL"


1) Is MQX is available on this plateform? (MQX 4.2 or 5.x?)

2) Is this is available under new IDE MCUExpresso?

3) This can compile c++code from PEG?

4) Colibri board has Wifi capability. Is MQX have driver for it?

5) Is existing the screen driver for this CPU? Or is adaptation from K70 to Imx6 is easy?

6) On Kinetis, I get an USB key bootloader project from community (K60 I think) That I had updated for K70. Is there a similar Bootloader existing for Imx6 (on colibri board?)

7) I looked on P&E micro website but not found: COuld you confirm: Is this target is compatible with debug Probe Multilink Universal FX and gang programer Cyclone FX or I must looking for another debug probe and gang programmer?






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I've converted MQX 4.2 to run on the iMX6DQ and it does a fine job for systems that do the same thing 24/7 with no need for user mode or swapping different tasks in and out of memory. User mode can be supported in MQX, but I prefer not to use it, and compile all tasks in one big "blob". Since there are no "modules" being swapped in/out, memory is flat mapped. Linux is not set up to do this. I've converted the OS proper and the system functions I use, including USB and MFS. I'm now working on the LCD driver and USB. The project I'm working on started with the Vybrid processor, but ran out of horsepower; I needed something faster. So during the downtime of Covid, I converted MQX to run on the iMX6.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi @arnogir,


MQX should be available for that platform, and migration should be possible (i.e. availability of WiFi drivers and bootloader). However, MQX 5 is under license and MQX 4.2 is mostly supported for legacy purposed only.

We highly encourage you to use FreeRTOS and MCUXpresso if possible, since these are the tools we fully support for our devices.




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Thank for your back.

 - If I understand, you think the K70 USB bootloader is an easy migration to be run on iMx6 right? I conclude at this time, no bootloader existing for this target? Maybe are there a third part which can provide it?

- You highly encourage to use FreeRTOS. But if I not make a mistake, FeeRTOS is a simple OS. It does not include TCP/IP stack, MFS stack and USB stack? SDK provide only driver but not the full stack?

In addition, our customer would have a less as possible added work, then if we keep the same OS, this will reduce the devellopment time. Our customer can paid the MQX 5 license.

- I seen on MQX detail it could be integrated with MCUexpresso. I'm right?

- If yes, could you confirm MCUexpresso has the Free compiler C++ (To compile PEG generated file)

- it seem P&E Micro product not assume iMx6 target. do you know somes third part which can provide debug Probe and Gang programmer for iMx6?



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