Handling peripheral interrupts using MQX and KSDK

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Handling peripheral interrupts using MQX and KSDK

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Hi all,


I am currently writing some code to handle ADC capture using PDB and eDMA.

I use FRDM-64F board, KDS v1.1.1, KSDK v1.0.0 and Processor Expert...


I have a test project involving adc and pdb based on a Freescale KSDK demo application User's guide.

The test project is joined.

The code to initialize ADC and PDB is in the AdcPdb.c file.


Without using MQX, everything works fine, i.e. callback function interrupts are handled.

The  PDB_TEST_AdcTrigger() is then called from the main function.


But, adding MQX to the project makes the callback functions unavailable, they are never called...

All configuration and initialization code are disabled in Processor Expert to let the initialization process up to the user.

PDB_TEST_AdcTrigger() is called from one task instead of main().

Using the debugger, all callback functions are correctly setted using XXX_DRV_InstallCallback() and interruptions are enabled inside the XXX_DRV_Init() functions.


I don't know why these callback functions are not called when using MQX.

I haven't seen anything about interrupts masking or preemption when MQX is used...


And of course, I need MQX for my project :-)


Is there anybody who can help me on this issue ?

Thanks in advance,


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This issue was solved after reading this excellent post : How To: use Kinetis SDK drivers within MQX apps - General overview