what interrupts types we can ignore and what not in MPC5777C MCU

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what interrupts types we can ignore and what not in MPC5777C MCU

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Hi Support Team,

We are using MPC5777C MCU in our Aero project. I have to list out the interrupts which have the enable/disable capability. 

From e200Z759N3 Core Reference Manual i understood that  we are using IVOR0 to IVOR15 and IVOR32 - IVOR35  and IVOR16 - IVOR are reserved.

Each IVOR is a unique interrupt type. 


From Machine State Register (MSR), i understood below interrupts are enable/disable by writing 1/0 in specific bit in MSR register.

Critical Interrupt

Watchdog timer interrupt

External Interrupt 

Machine Check 

Debug Interrupt 

SPE/EFPU Available

Is this my understanding is correct? what about the other interrupt types, is that below interrupt types have enable/disable capability,if so let me know the register names.

Data Storage

Instruction Storage



Floating-point unavailable

System cal

AP unavailable


Please let me know what interrupt types we can ignore and what not.



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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

MSR[EE] can mask external interrupts,decrementer and fixed interval timer (IVOR1,10 and 11)
MSR[ME] can mask asynchronous machine check (partially IVOR1)
MSR[CE] can mask critical input and watchdog timer (IVOR0 and 12)
MSR[DE] can mask debug events (IVOR15)
MSR[SPE] enables/disables SPE/EFPU units - if disabled IVOR32 may happen, if enabled IVOR33/34 may happen (according circumstances)

The rest does not have such mask bit:
Data Storage interrupt (IVOR2)
Instruction Storage interrupt (IVOR3)
Alignment interrupt (IVOR5)
Program interrupt (IVOR6)
System Call interrupt (IVOR8)
Data TLB Error interrupt (IVOR13)
Instruction TLB Error interrupt (IVOR14)

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