replacement for MC68332ACEH25 and MC68302EH25C

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replacement for MC68332ACEH25 and MC68302EH25C

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We have systems with MC68332ACEH25 and MC68302EH25C processors. They will probably go obsolete next year or so. So we need to do a redesign (or LTB for 10 years which is expensive). My question:


Are there processors in the MPCxxxx family that are somewhat comparable to the MC68332ACEH25 and the MC68302EH25C ? Package/footprint is not important, neither is pinout. But as the software is written in assembler, code compatibility of may a code converter tool would be very helpful. And the TPU is also important.


What would be a good way to solve this?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello Piter,

there are some MPC microcontrollers, you can use instead of MC68332ACEH25 or MC68332ACEH25C. Please look for example at the following links:

MPC5746R Scalable Engine Control MCU|NXP 

MPC5777C|Engine Control MCU|NXP 

But I am afraid, you have to re-write all your assembler code. Your microcontrollers uses MC68020 core and MPC microcontrollers have e200z cores. These instructions sets are definitely incompatible and there is no converter tool.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to write me back.



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