questions about MPC5748G ENET/MAC and MCAL setting

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questions about MPC5748G ENET/MAC and MCAL setting

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Now I have two questions about the ENET/MAC.

MPC5748G has 2 MAC, Enet0 and Enet1. But only one set MDIO pins in Enet0.

In MPC5748G-GW EVB, Enet0-MII connect to switch firstly then to PHY, Enet1-MII connect to PHY directly, and all PHYs are controlled by Enet0-MDIO. 

Q1, Enet0 can be master or slave, Enet1 can be slave, to PHY device, is that right?

Q2, What's the relation between MDIO and MII? I guess MDIO is command link and MII is data link, is that right?

Q3, How to setup the MCAL in EB when only using Enet1? Need setup one controller or need setup both of then? Is there any guide or demo setting can share?


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


1) On the MPC5748G-GW-RDB the ENET1 is connected to 100BASE-TX PHY where you don't have the master/slave concepts.

2) yes, MDIO (SMI) is interface for PHY device configuration, while MII is media interface (data and control pins)

3) not sure of MCAL setting, but generally there in no need to setup ENET0 if just ENET1 will be used.

A MPC5748G-GW-RDB Quick Start Package include SDK example for the ENET1. You can download it from 

BR, Petr

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