clock set about FLEXPWM of MPC5643L

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clock set about FLEXPWM of MPC5643L

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The FlexPWM module can choose IPbus clock, EXT_BUS clock and AUX_BUS clock for its clock. I know how to use IPbus as its clock, but the frequency is too small for my need. So I want to choose EXT_bus. Datasheet says it can use timer for EXT_bus, I tried but failed. I wonder if there is some example about it? thank you.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


the IPBus clock is driven from MOTC_clk (up to 120MHz),

the AUX_CLK from submodule 0 after its Prescaler (Figure 25-2. PWM Submodule Block Diagram) and

EXT_clk of FlexPWM1 from eTimer 1 ch1 output and

EXT_clk of FlexPWM0 from eTimer 0 ch 3 output (see Figure 13-2. CTU interaction with other peripherals).

BR, Petr

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