To access PATA NANDrive interfaced with MPC5200

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To access PATA NANDrive interfaced with MPC5200

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Here, there is a board having PATA NANDrive (GLS85LD1001T) which is interfaced with ATA controller of MPC5200. Now, there is requirement to access the drive and retrieve data from it. 

However, when I tried to access the drive, the drive is showing in the U-boot terminal. here is the some output of "dmesg" command:  Terminal - dmesg Command -1.png

But when I tried to mount this hda drive, it is not getting mounted. I have tried some commands to mount the drive and output of those commands is shown below:


I am unable to mount the nand drive please guide me how can i access the data of  Nand drive.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

It looks like that there is no file system on your device /dev/hda.

Try to use the following command:

mount -v /dev/hda1 /mnt

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