TRK-MPC5606B: RAppID BL download program error

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TRK-MPC5606B: RAppID BL download program error

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I got the following error when I tried to load the .mot file to target during my first use of the TRK-MPC5606B




This is the RappId BL settings that I used.


I checked the following related posts



And tried different passwords then pressed the reset button when asked to cycle power to MCU:



None of these worked and I'm always getting the first error message. Any help will be very appreciated.


Thank you very much for your time!

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I'll add my reply to this old post in case anyone else comes across it while looking for information about RAppID BL program, like I did.

I've been using it with TRK-MPC5604P and have had numerous problems with it.  Yes, the program works well, if you pay attention to all the nuances.  1) if you are working with CodeWarrior for MCU and running in debug mode, then cycle power to the target prior to using RApID BL;  2) if you are using the USB serial port for communication with the target, either your own or FreeMaster, exit the PC serial port program prior to using RAppID BL so that it doesn't hold the serial port;  3) if you have modified the jumper on the TRK target, so that you can grasp it without using a needle nose pliers, make sure that the connection as still making proper contact, (super glue tends to coat the contacts and those FABS jumpers are tough to manipulate); 4)  if you are using some other USB device, (like a USB scope or logic analyzer), make sure it does not conflict with the RAppID BL USB driver; 5) if you have been using the REG_5V supply on the target, but have moved your location, make sure you provide a proper power supply, or switch back to the USB_5V supply. 

If you can avoid all this little issues, then RAppID BL works pretty well.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


maybe too late but...

I have tested the RAppID bootoader on my TRK-MPC5606B board and it works well.

Here are few points you should keep…

- you have to select proper COM port as is assigned to CDC Serial Port in PC’s Device Manager

- the TRK-MPC5606B contains the MPC5606BK device, so this one should be selected in RAppID BL tool.

Note the MPC5606BK has 0N13E mask, while MPC5606B has 1M03Y mask.

- if using just the USB to power a board (USB_5V on POWER_SELECT jumpers) once a RAppID bootloader ask for cycle MCU power just the RESET button should be pressed, then press OK on RB tool window. The RESET button can be used also for other power options for sure.

- if you did not change password in the shadow flash then “Default Password” option should be selected with BAM status option “Enabled”

Hope it helps.



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