Something about flash memory for MPC5675K

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Something about flash memory for MPC5675K

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Hello everyone,

   For some reasons, I need to use CAN bootloader to download program for MPC5675K. But there are some questions puzzled me .

   First, I know that we can read-while-write between different banks, but whether it means that we can not read-while-write in the same bank. I really hpe to get the answer.

Someone tell me yes , but I had dowmload bootloader program in the memory start in 0x100000 and then download application program in the memory start in 0x4010.Finally, the application program run well. I do not know whether it can make bad effect in the future.

Second, in the Mid Address Space an high Address Space , the first (lower addresses) 16 bytes (128 bits) of every 32-byte aligned range are stored in CFM0 and the last 16 bytes(128 bits) are stored in CFM1.

I really do not know why and it had puzzled me for a long time . Really hope someone can help me.

Best regards.

Guang Yao


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