Re-Transmit messages of S32R274 FlexCAN

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Re-Transmit messages of S32R274 FlexCAN

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Hello, Thanks for your help, now we can transmit & receive CAN mesages succesfully!

My question back ground is:

My configuration of FlexCAN0 register is as below:

CAN_0.MCR.B.AEN = CAN_TransmitAbortDisable;  //  0x0, abort dissable

//Disable and Clear all interrupt
CAN_0.IMASK1.R = 0x0;
CAN_0.IMASK2.R = 0x0;
CAN_0.IMASK3.R = 0x0;

CAN_0.IFLAG1.R = 0x0;
CAN_0.IFLAG2.R = 0x0;
CAN_0.IFLAG3.R = 0x0;

Then, I transmit 10 messages(FlexCAN0), the message ID is from 0x200 to 0x400( 0x 400 is not too high priority). And I connect the FlexCAN0 to the real  CAN ADAS-CAN( many messages transmit from other car parts, e.g. ESP/EPS......)

I found that the message 0x400 transmit perfect, no dropped or lost frames(the period of 0x400 is 20ms),  the real period is 20 ms every cycle.

So my question is:

 I guess the messages/frames is re-transmited automatic when arbitration fail(by other car part higher priority messages/frames ), even MCR.B.AEN is set to 0x0-disable . Am I right?  

If yes, what is the numbers of re-transmit attemp?  

And can I configure the re-transmit attemp numbers?

Thanks very much!

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