RAppID BL tool over CAN... HW requirements?

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RAppID BL tool over CAN... HW requirements?

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Hello All,

target -> MPC5744P

Looking to use the RAppID BL Tool over CAN as a tool to verify and inspect how flash programming over CAN operates, down at the CAN packet level, to support our plans to implement our own CAN based in-situ bootloader, using the .rbf flash based method.

We intend to provide CAN based code flashing of a MPC5744P from a different microcontroller (non-NXP), in order to provide in-field FW upgrades, if necessary.

1.) The RAppID BL Tool, (v1.6.7.35) appears to only provide support for specific CAN communication hardware: Vector CANCaseXL; Vector CANCardXL; Vector CANCardXLE. Can the RAppID BL Tool use generic USB based Windows CAN adaptors like PCAN or Ginkgo ?

2.)  Are there any CAN adapters out there that will appear as a "Vector CANCaseXL" to the RAppID BL Tool? 

3.) Does NXP recommend a vendor for purchasing a Vector CANCaseXL, if no other 3rd party CAN transceivers are supported? seems steep, like $1000, where PCAN and Gingko are much less expensive and available on amazon

4.) We have both a DEVKIT-MPC5744P (Rev E) and a RD33771 for demo boards, and also a PE Multilink debugger. All up and running fine, can either of these be used with RAppID BL tool? Can the DEVKIT's OpenSDA serial port be used by the RAppID BL Tool as the Communication Setup->Comm Mode->Serial Port option?



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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi John,

The bootloader supports only CAN tools from Vector. Listed CANCase/CANCard tools are already discontinued but Vector provides VN16xx tools as a replacement. Our SW team tested the bootloader with VN1630 and VN1640 and it worked. It is expected that all VN16xx are compatible. CANCaseXL should be configured in the GUI when using these VN16xx tools.

Important point is that we do not provide source codes for Rappid bootloader. I mean both RBF files and also GUI. It's because of some legal reasons - due to used SW component.


DEVKIT-MPC5744P and its OpenSDA can be used. Original RBF file in the package uses pins PB2 and PB3 (LINFlex 0). Then there’s RBF file which uses PD9 and PD12 (LINFlex 1):


Please check which version of DEVKIT-MPC5744P, there were some changes – either LINFlex 0 or 1 was routed to OpenSDA.


If you want to develop own solution, we provide application note AN5319 which describes how to develop simple serial bootloader. SW example is included. It’s written for MPC5748G but it’s supposed to be starting point for all MPC57xx devices. It can be modified for CAN interface:




If you are looking for production code, there are some third parties (like mentioned Vector) which provide flash bootloaders:





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