Porting uIP1.0 to MPC5xxx boards

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Porting uIP1.0 to MPC5xxx boards

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Hi all , My project requirement is to use uIP TCP/IP stack , I am currently trying to under stand the uIP frame work. Can any one tell how to port uIP frame work on to MPC5777M or MPC5xxx boards.

What are the steps we need to follow for establishing and performing tcp and udp communication with my PC to MPC5777M board.

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Contributor V

Thank you martinkovar‌, I will check it

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


at first, you need MPC5777M low level driver which ensures communication with registers and eventually provides some other basic functions.

Second step is to interconnect this low level driver with uIP API.

Last step is to port timers which are used by transport layer protocols (and maybe some of network layer protocols), but mostly by TCP protocol. MPC5777M provides PIT timer and STM timer usable for this tasks.

I have no real experience with uIP TCP/IP stack, so I can provide you only general information. Now you must study uIP documentation, get familiar with API, port the necessary functions, eventually do some changes in low level driver.

About low level driver, Petr Stancik provided you some information in the thread below: