MPC5xxx etpu2 Hall Decoder

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MPC5xxx etpu2 Hall Decoder

Contributor I

Hello NXP Engineers, 

I am on a task to implement a Hall Decoder using an MPC5674F and the ETPU2 functions. I checked the generated code for the Hall Decoder ( but I cannot use the code as if I understand correctly some of it is done using microcode. 

Is there any example on how to enable the ETPU2 functions without the microcode or any other reference document I can use? 

Kind regards, 

Guilherme Pozzato

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Contributor IV

Hello Guilherme,

Typically when the term "microcode" is used with respect to the eTPU it refers to the eTPU C source code or the resulting compiled binary (usually in the form of a list of 4-byte words in text included as an initialized array in a hos processor build).  Are you referring to something different?  You won't be able to process Hall Decoder input via the MPC5674F eTPU2 without at least the compiled output - that is needed to properly initialize the eTPU2 device at startup.  Can you provide any more information on what you need to do?


John Diener