MPC5748G bootloader in Greenhills sw (MULTI)

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MPC5748G bootloader in Greenhills sw (MULTI)

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I use Green Hills' MULTI and MPC5748G (kit that has motherboard and daughterboard)

First Question.

I import the bootloader project that I downloaded in NXP web.


I build the project and I debug it.

(Connect to a Target was Freescale MPC5748G Demo Board with Simulator for Power Architecture [simppc])

I thought that option for simulation

however, in debugger windows, there are error


error: [PC=0xf8c02c] Invalid memory write to address 0xfffc0244

what was that?

how can i fix it?

Second Question

Also, I use want to use Lauterbach Trace32 In-Circuit debugger.

(because Serial Bootloader for MPC5748G by: Lukas Zadrapa file said they use it)

However I cannot find Trace32 option in Connect to a Target 


how can i use Trace32?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


1. This is a question rather for Green Hills. I have never used their simulator and I guess it does not support everything. The e_stw instruction stores a word to peripheral register - and it seems that such operation is not supported.

2. I used Trace32 independently of Green Hills' MULTI  IDE. Only elf file generated by the IDE is needed and you can write own script for Trace32 which will program it to flash and then do whatever you want. Example of such scripts can be found in this project, for example: 



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