MPC5748G - Read/Write HSM Data block with SMPU Enabled

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MPC5748G - Read/Write HSM Data block with SMPU Enabled

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We are using MPC5748G. The two 16kb HSM data blocks 

0x00F80000 to 0x00F83FFF and 

0x00F84000 to 0x00F87FFF

are used for NVM data storage.

We have integrated Fls driver from Nxp. With SMPU disabled  we are able to read and write to this memory without any problem. But, when we enable SMPU, read/write to this address throws memory protection violation error. We tried to configure a region for above address range in SMPU but still we see the error.

Can you please help?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


This can be made exclusive to HSM but for parts without HSM programmed this section is available for customers to use as a generic flash partition.

However this section is not advised to be used for on the fly runtime erase/write operations.

refer to errata:

Refer to this EB: EB00875, Considerations for Avoiding Stuck-In-Reset Scenarios Caused by Non-Correctable ECC Errors i...

Could you provide more details here. Like which specific part you are using,etc...

best regards,


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Hi Peter,

Thanks for the reply.

We do not have HSM or in other words, HSM is disabled. We are trying to use the two 16KB HSM data blocks below like a normal Flash section.

0x00F80000 to 0x00F83FFF -> HSM data block0
0x00F84000 to 0x00F87FFF -> HSM data block1

We are trying to store some information in this before shutdown and are reading from this section after bootup.

We are able to read/write without SMPU enabled (SMPU_0 and SMPU_1). When we enable SMPUs we could not read or write to these addresses. We tried providing access to this address range by configuring the region descriptor in SMPU and provided access to all bus masters in MPC5748G, but still not able to read/write.

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