MPC5748G Flexray receive issue after STANDBY

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MPC5748G Flexray receive issue after STANDBY

NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Dear support,

my Tier1 customer Aptiv has an issue with MPC5748G Flexray receive issue after STANDBY exit - flexray frames are not received by the  flexray controller but ECU is able to transmit flexray frames.

On further analysis of flexray registers, they see that when the above mentioned issue occurs, the PECF_IF bit in FR_PIFR1 register is set. - see attached the register difference between working and not working scenario.

The reference manual mentions that if communication fails between PE and CHI, then PECF_IF bit will be set.

When can communication fail between PE and CHI? Can it be because the clock is not stable? I wonder why this is impacting only reception and not transmission.

When the above issue occurs, the flexray reception works only after the flexray controller is reinitialized. The reinitialization happens because CEM does not receive frames and flexray channel goes to sleep after a few seconds but since there is traffic on bus, this will immediately wakeup the Flexray channel.

Attached is the MCAL configuration. The code does not get stuck anywhere during reception and keeps executing properly. The SW behaviour when the issue occurs is that since ECU is not able to receive any flexray frames, then flexray channel in ECU goes to sleep thinking no node is requesting network to be active. But as soon as flexray channel goes to sleep, due to activity in flexray network from other nodes, the ECU flexray channel wakes immediately and then the issue is no longer seen. So, ECU exit from standby causes the issue but the next flexray channel sleep to wakeup removes the issue.

Any hint is appreciated... 


Best Regards,


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi @viktorfellinger 

this question was sitting in wrong box for a long time. Is the question still open? If yes, please create a ticket instead of community thread. Thanks.



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