MPC5748G-FlexCAN_with_interrupts-S32DS_Z4_1 dummy call

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MPC5748G-FlexCAN_with_interrupts-S32DS_Z4_1 dummy call

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I am using the S32DS example program, MPC5748G-FlexCAN_with_interrupts-S32DS_Z4_1

When I build and Debug, the program has no errors, and downloads into hardware. (DEVKIT-MPC5748G)

When I start the program, it runs straight into the dummy() interrupt routine, and I cannot find the reason for this.

How do I trace the code so I can determine which Interrupt has been called ?

IF I pause the program, set the execution to the first line of code in Main(), then "Resume at line", the program now runs correctly.

What is causing this behaviour ?

How do I use "Processor Expert" on this example ?

How do I set the CAN-baud rates, as there is no Component or Inspector available ?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


the example you mentioned in your post is created in S32DS 1.0, which has different compiler than S32DS 2017.R1. Unfortunately, these compilers are not compatible and it is not possible to import example created in old version into the new one and simply compile it.

If you want to use the example, I recommend you to create new project in S32DS 2017.R1 and manually migrate the project. As soon as you do that, it should work correct.

About using Processor Expert in this project, this is not possible, because this project is not SDK based and Processor Expert is determined for SDK based examples only. If you want to know, how to calculate CAN baud rates, please check the links below and eventually use excel calculator created by Petr Stancik.

FlexCAN bit timing calculation