MPC5746CRM: Regarding GPIO configuration

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MPC5746CRM: Regarding GPIO configuration

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Hello All,

I'm trying to configure a pin PA[12] to be used as an external interrupt.

according to the IO signal description Capture.PNG

So I shall configure the MCSR register number 12 first to define it as input, and then go to MCRI register to set the SSS bits.

Considering that the external interrupt is Active low, then I configured the pin to have a pull up and to fire the interrupt on the falling edge.

I forced the interrupt source to be active low for a long time to check that I will get this interrupt many times.

Where I was expecting that the first time the interrupt source with pull the pad level to low then the interrupt will fired for the first time and by clearing the interrupt flag the level of the pad will go back again and then the interrupt source will pull it again to low and then i will get the second interrupt and so on

But actually I got the interrupt only once.

My questions are:

1 - Is my imagination correct that the pad level will be pulled again after the interrupt flag is cleared within the ISR ?

2 - How can I check the pad level either before drive the interrupt or after as I tried to track the GPDI16-19 considering I'm working on EIRQ17 = PA[12] but I found that it is not relevant?

3 - As another approach, Can I configure the pin as GPIO instead of conntecting it to SIUL, considering that I just waiting a pulse on the pin and no need for the SIUL module, am I correct ?


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


EIRQ pins are edge sensitive not level sensitive. The user controls the active IRQ edge through the registers SIUL2_IREER and SIUL2_IFEER. When the enabled edge is detected on pin, the corresponding interrupt flag is set in the SIUL2_ISR0 register. This flag is cleared by writing 1 to it. Clearing this flag have no effect on the pad level, this is determined by external signal, if pin is not driven the internal pull up/down determine inactive level.

Pad level is read using SIUL2_GPDIn register if the IBE bit is set.

BR, Petr

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