MPC5644A wake up from stop mode via CANBUS

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MPC5644A wake up from stop mode via CANBUS

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I have two questions . First , how can I access the stop mode with the device MPC5644A ? I have set the register  SIU.HLT.R = 0x0FFF FFF ,and  I want to reserve the CPU is still run , and other's is in stop mode . But when I set the SIU.HLT.R to 0x0FFF FFFF, the device will run away occasionally , but the system is still can access the interrupt .


Second, When I access the stop mode , there are also some times the system can't  wake up via the CANBUS . I use the Jtag to debug, and I found that the system is still in stop mode , but the register SIU.HLTACK.R is  0x0 。I have set  CAN_B.MCR.B.WAK_MSK = 1   CAN_B.MCR.B.SLF_WAK = 1  CAN_B.MCR.B.WAK_SRC = 1  in the init . And In the wake up interrupt  set the SIU.HLT.R = 0x0 .


Are there some one can help me ? I'm realy want to your help, thank you!

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