¿MPC5604B_M07N  vs MPC5604B_M27V ?


¿MPC5604B_M07N  vs MPC5604B_M27V ?

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What are the differences between MPC5604B_M07N  and MPC5604B_M27V derivatives?


I have XPC560B 100LQFP and XPC560B 144LQFP. At the begining I was working with 144 ( I was using MPC5604B_M27V MCU in CW project wizard, but I don't now why...) but now I need to work with 100, and I don't know if I need change that.


Thank you.

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I received this explanation from Freescale support:


The difference is in mask set and their errata. But the mask 07N has never been produced so you can omit this option. I will inform CodeWarrior to remove it.

You should select mask set M27V and everything will be OK.

The mask set defines internal circuitry => errata list. It has no influence on defined features defined by reference manual and data sheet...."