MPC 5675 MII connection to Micrel switch.


MPC 5675 MII connection to Micrel switch.

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I have connected the freescale MPC5675 to Micrel 8864 four port switch which has 2 MII ports for direct MAC connection. (MAC-MAC connection).
I have made a cable that connects from MII pins on the board to MII port on the switch(20 pin male MII connector).

I have set up the switch in PHY mode as recommended.

When I select the MAC speed on the switch as 10Mbps, sending and receiving works fine.(I have connected PC to one ethernet port of the switch and using wireshark to monitor the packets).

but when I select 100Mbps, only receiving works but not transmission. I am trying to send packets from board to pc. But I don't see any packets at the switch.

To make sure that cable is alright, I've tested a TI PHY with the same cable (MAC-PHY mode) and it works fine.

Please help me.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


It looks there may be some issue with the switch setting. Moreover if the MCU work well with the TI PHY with the same cable, assume on 100Mbps too.

So hard to suggest. Doesn’t the switch require additional configuration for 100Mbps mode via MII bus?

Can you share the connection you are using?

You may compare MII signals with the switch and TI PHY connected and see the difference.



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