MCAL CTU configuration

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MCAL CTU configuration

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I am using MPC5744p MCAL with EB configuration tool. I  I have several issues with CTU configuration. 

(1) After CTU configuration with EB tool, CTU trigger ADC is ok, but it seems that ADC interrupt is disabled,so my question is how to know the ADC conversion finished and can be read? At the same time, ADC group read is not ok for this configuration

(2) According to MCAL code, the NON-Autosar CTU API can be used, but the EB tool can not generate this configuration. So how to configurate the CTU trigger group and can read the group after CTU trigger ?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


First question could be answered by AUTOSAR involved people.

(2)  - EB Tresos wont generat complex device driver. This you have to write by your own. This is what customers do, when MCAL does not satisfy their needs.

We have posted basic example for this synchronization.