How to use lwip project in MPC5748G?

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How to use lwip project in MPC5748G?

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How to use lwip project in MPC5748G?
We use mpc5748g devkit , S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture Version 2017.R1 and S32DS lwip_mpc5748g project in example.

This project description contain have udp_echo and tcp_echo,but we use this software (can send tcp packet and udp packet )to send the packet to the board without any return.

I also used the following setting :

I use the cable line to directly link the PC to the board.I set the PC_ip address is,the board_ip address is board_mac address is 10:11:12:00:00:00,and PC set the arp table.After completing these setting and send packet,but there is no any return.

Someone can tell me what happened?Or is this project not done this way,can anyone give me advice?

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I have the same question.How to do?

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