How can I send a can_fd frame with 8Mbps rate

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How can I send a can_fd frame with 8Mbps rate

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   I'v send a can_fd frame with 5Mbps rate in data field successful, but when i set the bit rate to be 8M(source clock=40MHz, bit time=5Tq: EPRESDIV = 0,  ERJW = 0,  EPROPSEG =1/0,  EPSEG1 =0/1,  EPSEG2 = 1, TDCOFF=3 )   I recieved a error frame in the CANoe 9.0.

   first,I wander whether the maximum rate is 8Mbps? And i want to know how to set the register to send a can_fd frame with 8Mpbs??

   I still feel confused with the Transceiver delay compensation,is there someone can explain it clearly?

   Looking forward to your reply!


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


You did not specify the MCU, assume you have MPC5748G.

The shortest configurable bit time for data phase is 8 time quanta.

Thus with a CAN_PE clock frequency of 40MHz the max bit rate in the data phase is 5 Mbit/s.

If you need more, you must use higher CAN_PE clock.

Also be sure the transceiver is able to run on such high rates.


the SSP was discussed e.g. here

BR, Petr