FCCU Interrupt handling

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FCCU Interrupt handling

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When a NCF occurs, I intend to do something during the interrupt handler such as recording errors, etc. and reset MCU after FCCU moves into fault state.But I found that before entering the fault state, the same interrupt will generate many times,is there any way to avoid this happening?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


This behavior is correct.

As you have served ISR triggered by FCCU fault, the fault is not resolved in ISR, but the fault is still active.

You will get immediately new ISR.

the point is user should recover from fault in ISR, by removing its source or by reset triggered via ISR.

If the fault is not removed within ALAR perion (if enabled) then FCCU will move into fault state after timeout expiration.

On other hand, why would you run your program after serving ISR from fault and your fault is not resolved?

Most common case is:

Store the faults in ISR

If possible resolve faults

if not then perform reset (which is considered as safe state)



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