CodeWarrior 5.9, MPC5644A LCF changed, but code not be located to expected area

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CodeWarrior 5.9, MPC5644A LCF changed, but code not be located to expected area

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dear NXP experts:

An old project is developed by CodeWarrior 5.9, and the MCU is MPC5644A.


A task is to re-alocate the code to another Flash area. A test project is created to try the re-allocation.

The lcf are changed as below:
resetvector: org = 0x00000000, len = 0x00000008
init: org = 0x00100020, len = 0x00000FE0
exception_handlers: org = 0x00101000, len = 0x00001000
internal_flash: org = 0x00102000, len = 0x00040000

In the map file, it seems the function is re-allocated (please see below)

.text_vle section layout
Starting Virtual File
address Size address offset
00000000 00003c 00102000 000006e0 1 .text main.o
00000000 00002e 00102000 000006e0 2 main main.o
0000002e 00000e 0010202e 0000070e 2 task10msHandler main.o

But, in the generated .mot file, the functions are not allocated to address 0x00102000
the exception handler is allocated to exptected address 0x00101000


Could you please help me on this issue?

Another help request is: could you give an example about how to allocated function and global variable to expected section?
Sorry my experience is limited to S32 Design Studio, no experience for CodeWarrior.

The lcf/s19 files and whole test proect are attched for your reference.

thanks and BR

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Have you tried to remove object code before compiling?



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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

CodeWarrior 5.9 is the version of the IDE used but not the tool version.

The IDE V5.9 was used in different tools as HC12 v5.1, DSC V8.3, ColdFire V7.2, MCU V6.3, MPC55xx/56xx V2.10 and other older versions.

The right way to determine the tool version you're using for classic version is

Start the IDE and click on Help | About Freescale CodeWarrior.

Click on Installed Products

Provide us all info displayed.

Or you can save them in a txt file.

If the Installed Products is not available for older version you should find information in the welcome.txt under the installation folder.

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