Cisco need sMPC5748G DEV Kit CAD files

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Cisco need sMPC5748G DEV Kit CAD files

NXP Employee
NXP Employee

I didn't think we had this but I thought I would ask.  Maybe the Gerber can help him.  I actually have that.  It can probably be converter from gerber into some type of cad that can work for him

Hi Daniel,


Do you have CAD models for DEVKIT-MPC5748G and DEVKIT-COMM?  We are going to mount them inside a small, 3D-printed enclosure.  If there are already 3D models available, it will save us some time measuring and trying to create our own rough models.



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I wasn't able to find one when I asked before.

I did pay someone on Fiverr to make a case for me. It's not perfect, but close enough for now.

I started re-designing my own case in OpenSCAD, but haven't made it far due to other time constraints:

The measurements I took can be seen in the OpenSCAD file: openscad_DEVKIT-MPC57xx/scratch1.scad at master · jed-frey/openscad_DEVKIT-MPC57xx · GitHub 

width = 130;
length = 60;

devkitHoles = [
 [12.2185,  5.7465],
 [93.4465,  6.1045],
 [ 6.3695, 53.9095],
 [99.6555, 54.0825],

If you look on Thingiverse there are a plethora of Arduino and RaspberryPi cases available: 

The DEVKITs are just such a niche product that they're really not in the hands like the Ardunio and Pi are. NXP and Cisco can probably afford to send out a few boards to colleges or even highschools to design up a case. They also likely have the existing connections to academia to get them done.

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