Best DEVKIT for Automotive Embedded for learning purposes

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Best DEVKIT for Automotive Embedded for learning purposes

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Hello All,

I am working in the automotive industry for past 2 years. I wished to have my own DEVKIT for learning purposes. Can anyone please suggest me a perfect DEVKIT for me which is compatible with AUTOSAR. The DEVKIT should also have various Tools/Softwares available fr debugging, editing, compiling etc.

Kindly suggest accordingly.

Thank you

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

You don't mention used MCU nor target application.

Here you see overview of evaluation boards (some of them are DEVKITs):

Automotive Development Platforms | NXP 

For learning purposes it is the best to start with simplest/cheapest boards.

Regarding AUTOSAR, here you may find availability (with or without fees):

AUTOSAR Software Architecture | NXP 

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