BAM issue while tranferring message - MPC5643L

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BAM issue while tranferring message - MPC5643L

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We are working with KIT33908MBEVBE Evaluation Mother Board and KITMPC5643DBEVM Evaluation Daughter Board (for MPC5643L) . 

We are just trying to verify BAM functionality  without Autobaud . The scenario is we put the boardinto serial boot mode via CAN using the below jumper settings and sent a standard message frame (ID:0x11,DATA:FEEDFACECAFEBEEF, DLC:8 using CANanalyser) upon power up. We are expecting a Echo message from BAM but we see that transmission is not happening and error LED is blinking in the CANanalyser. This normally happens during Baud rate mismatch.

So, Is there any standard baud rate to be used or any other additional settings need to be done. We tried sending the data with 125kbps and 250kbps.

To set the device mode as Serial Boot, the jumper settings are done as per the user guide.


To get SBL FlexCAN without autobaud,


CAN connection is established to CAN_0 of the controller from CANanalyser 

Note: debugger is not connected


Arthi Venkatasubramanian

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