5748G LIN TX default level error

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5748G LIN TX default level error

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I test the LIN driver on SPC5748G (BGA257),Data can be sent out。But the default level is indeed low,This is obviously wrong for the LIN bus protocol。I tried adding a 1.5K pull-up resistor to the TX pin to pull it up to a high level,it's OK,Is there something wrong with my configuration?


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


When LINFlex is in idle state the TX pins are set to high-impedance. If LIN transceiver does not have internal pull-up an
external pull-up may be required.

For your configuration hard to say, you did not share any. Did you test any available example?

for example Example MPC5748G LINFlex LIN Master Slave test GHS616 or the one in the S32 Design Studio?

BR, Petr