Excel MPC5777C clock configurator

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Excel MPC5777C clock configurator

Excel MPC5777C clock configurator

This config tool simplifies PLL setting calculation and clock configuration for MPC5777C device.

Version 1.3 added option to select between 264/300 MHz MCU versions.


Follow these steps


Note: Macros have to be enabled!


1. Enter frequency of used XOSC and desired PLL0 and PLL1 output.

     - put values into cells B14, Q13 and Q20 of the "Clocks" sheet

     - check if it is Valid or Invalid

     - "PLLconfig" sheet shows possible PLLs configurations                


2. Configure System and AUX clock selectors and its Dividers

     - check calculated frequency of System/Peripheral clocks

     - if Invalid change source clock and Divider value to keep Max freq


3. Copy generated code by pressing "Copy Code" button

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