Example MPC5744P FCCU clear faults GHS614

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Example MPC5744P FCCU clear faults GHS614

Example MPC5744P FCCU clear faults GHS614

* Detailed Description:
* This SW provides the example of clearing of FCCU faults.
* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
* Test HW:  MPC57xx
* Maskset:  1N65H
* Target :  internal_FLASH
* Fsys:     200 MHz PLL with 40 MHz crystal reference + FCCU fault clearing example code.
Revision History:
1.0     Jan-05-2016     nxa13250(Vlna Peter)  Initial Version

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Hi Peter, 

I have managed to get the FCCU into the ALARM state. Now, when I try the to clear the software-faults using this code it doesn't work. Any help ? 

Also, in the reference manual it says "Clear the status (flag) bit NCFSx". But, what is done here is setting it why ? 

Thanks in advance, 

Best Regards, 


I recommend you to read reference manual closely.

" Clear the status (flag) bit NCFSx "


What do you think "w1c" means?

Isn't is write 1 to clear?


PS: You have to clear fault source as well. Before clearing status register.


Thanks for your answer. I didn't know that w1c means write 1 to clear..

That means even for SW recoverable faults the fault source has also to be cleared in the fault module ( e.g. in the MEMU ) ? 



Yes, if you do not clear fault source the fault line is still active. Even after clearing NCFSx the fault is immediately set again.

Please do not spam my example threads if it is not related to any issue in example itself. Just create a new question on forum.

Thank you,


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