Example MPC5606S-DEMO HIH-5030+TFT CW210

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Example MPC5606S-DEMO HIH-5030+TFT CW210

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Example MPC5606S-DEMO HIH-5030+TFT CW210

Detailed Description:

Demo application measures analog voltage from externally connected humidity

sensor HIH-5030. Obtained values and processed and displayed on

MPC5606S-DEMO-V2 board’s TFT panel.

Application uses standard Graphics Libraries for MPC5606S for simple graphic

output that is managed in mc_base.c module only.


Test HW:            MPC5606S-DEMO-V2 + HIH-5030

MCU:             PPC5606SEF OMLU 0M25V DD68391 XOTAC1003

Fsys:            64MHz

Debugger:        Lauterbach Trace32

Target:          internal_FLASH

Terminal:        none

EVB connection:



For complete project you may see following link:

Demo application MPC5606S-DEMO + LM75B + HIH-5030 + PCA8565 + GUI

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