SDK 2.6.0 LPC54616J512

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SDK 2.6.0 LPC54616J512

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Hi all,

regarding SDK 2.6.0 for LPC54616J512 I have detected an issue when configuring a New project from Wizard. Under Operating Systems and Middleware Tabs I can select anything (Freertos and USB Stack) because they are disabled. However, LPC54618J512 works fine. I think there is a problem related to manifests.xml because I am not able to configure these options when both MCUs have same peripherals functionalities.


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Javier S ,

I have report this issue to related team.

Now the workaround is: Create a new project based on LPC54618J512, add the Middleware you need,

then copy the generated files into LPC54616j512 project, they are the same in both chips.

Hope it helps,

Have a great day,


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