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 i set the start Address of PROGRAM_FLASH to 0x26000 but in the map file the vector interrupt place at 0x28000

What is the reason?

0x00026000                __base_PROGRAM_FLASH = 0x26000

                0x00026000                __base_Flash = 0x26000

                0x00100000                __top_PROGRAM_FLASH = 0x100000

                0x00100000                __top_Flash = 0x100000

                0x20000000                __base_SRAM_UPPER = 0x20000000

                0x20000000                __base_RAM = 0x20000000

                0x20030000                __top_SRAM_UPPER = 0x20030000

                0x20030000                __top_RAM = 0x20030000

                0x1fff0000                __base_SRAM_LOWER = 0x1fff0000

                0x1fff0000                __base_RAM2 = 0x1fff0000

                0x20000000                __top_SRAM_LOWER = 0x20000000

                0x20000000                __top_RAM2 = 0x20000000

                0x14000000                __base_FLEX_RAM = 0x14000000

                0x14000000                __base_RAM3 = 0x14000000

                0x14001000                __top_FLEX_RAM = 0x14001000

                0x14001000                __top_RAM3 = 0x14001000


.text           0x00028000    0x232d8

FILL mask 0xff

                0x00028000                __vectors_start__ = ABSOLUTE (.)


.isr_vector    0x00028000      0x198 ./startup/startup_mk64f12.o

                0x00028000                g_pfnVectors

                0x00028000                __Vectors

                0x00028198                . = ALIGN (0x4)

                0x00028198                __section_table_start = .

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi @AsafTv 


Please accept my apologies for late response. We are overloaded on the requests these days. I truly appreciate that you were so patient.


Regarding your issue, I am trying to understand what you are trying to do, because it comes to my mind that ISR_VECTORS starting address it is pre-defined, so it cannot be moved and if you are trying to set the PROGRAM_FLASH address over that one, they are going to overlap.


Please let me know your comments. I will stay tuned to your answer. Please let me know if you have more concerns.


Thank you in advance.
Pablo Avalos.

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