Why when I installed mcuxpressoide 11.3.1 did you uninstall 11.2 without asking me!

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Why when I installed mcuxpressoide 11.3.1 did you uninstall 11.2 without asking me!

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I have just downloaded and installed the Linux version 11.3.1 of mcuxpresso. On install I noticed error messages saying that it couldn't delete parts of the 11.2 install! This was concerning, and sure enough all that remains of the original install are a few folders with plugins and log files!

This is completely contrary to the documentation and various comments in the forums saying that install exist side by side. How on earth do you think it is OK to remove directory structures from my machine that are not part of the current thing I am installing! Maybe on Windows users expect this but it is not usual on Linux - not without warnings!!!

I now cannot build my existing projects, and I guess I will have to reinstall and reconfigure 11.2 to do so. I am not at all happy.

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Thank you this is helpful. I have restored my system from backups and tried this solution. In summary it kind of works.

It starts off looking hopeful but then actually makes a copy of the original in a new folder. This copy seems to work but is of course in a different place so I have to update things (paths etc.) elsewhere to find the old version.

Verifying archive integrity... 100% All good.
Uncompressing mcuxpressoide installer 100%
keeping old installation
Old installation location - /usr/local/mcuxpressoide-11.2.0_4120
(Reading database ... 286997 files and directories currently installed.)
Preparing to unpack JLink_Linux_x86_64.deb ...
Removing /opt/SEGGER/JLink ...
Unpacking jlink (6.981) over (6.804) ...
Setting up jlink (6.981) ...
(Reading database ... 286969 files and directories currently installed.)
Preparing to unpack mcuxpressoide-11.3.1_5262.x86_64.deb ...
Unpacking mcuxpressoide (11.3.1) over (11.2.0) ...

 So after the install I get the following in /usr/local

lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root   36 Apr  8 18:35 mcuxpressoide -> /usr/local/mcuxpressoide-11.3.1_5262
drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 4096 Apr  8 18:35 mcuxpressoide-11.2.0_4120
drwxr-xr-x 6 root root 4096 Sep 29  2020 mcuxpressoide-11.2.0_4120_backup
drwxr-xr-x 6 root root 4096 Apr  8 18:35 mcuxpressoide-11.3.1_5262

The *_backup seems to have everything the original had. The original has been pruned back to just logs etc.

Why would you choose this behavior. The new version is installing into a new directory. Why on earth do anything with the old one at all.

I am reluctant to simply rename it (though I may) as I am worried about fixed paths etc. insode the folder structure.

Anyway at least I seem to be able o run both versions. So thank you.


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Senior Contributor IV

This is definitely a change in the installer - it never used to do this. I notice (hidden in the install log), this

Unpacking mcuxpressoide (11.3.1) over (11.2.1) ...

It is not nice for this to be the default behaviour, without warning.

However, I did find this comment in the IDE Install Guide

Creating a Backup

To create a backup of an older version during installation, use -b or --backup. This needs to be passed to the underlying script of the .run package by calling:

<install_package>.deb.bin -- -b or
<install_package>.deb.bin -- --backup


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