Question about the order of memory allocation.

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Question about the order of memory allocation.

Contributor I

I am using the MIMXRT1060 EVK board, I want to enable the QSPI and SDRAM driver and check if it works normally in EVK.
The first test was tested using the driver_examples\semc example in the SDK, and it was confirmed that messages are displayed normally in the debug serial.
The following is the SDRAM test by activating the semc driver in the demo_apps\hello_world example in SDK, but the message was not displayed normally.

Of course, I solved it, but I do not know why, so I contact you.

As in the attached picture, just change the memory allocation order and it will work normally.
Why does it work normally according to the order of memory allocation? And if there are any documents that you can refer to, please let me know.

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Board sdram is off chip and so need to be setup using the memory controller and so is not accessible immediately after boot. The default is for your program data and stack to be placed into this memory, but as it is not accessible, you will almost certainly be taking a hard fault (which will also fail...). 

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