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When I use mcuxpressoid to test the examples in the SDK, I can debug breakpoints normally. But when I use this ide to debug my own project, the program cannot stop at the breakpoints. The projects is: using debug mode;using O0 optimization; and  that the code at the breakpoint is actually executed.

Under the above conditions, why can't ide stop at the breakpoint?

Besides, I hope to see the assembly instructions of a certain function, but I can only see the assembly of the whole project without breakpoint debugging. It is extremely difficult to find the function I want to see in it. Is there a method to export the entire assembly instructions?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

At first sight, debug symbols are not loaded in GDB. It's either because you have a stripped elf file, either because your debug launch configuration does not have the "Load Symbols" enabled. You should check these two things. For debug builds you could use "-g3". When starting a debug session, make sure to always use the blue debug button.

To verify that debug symbols are loaded by GDB, open the GDB traces console and then search for "-file-exec-and-symbols" or "symbol-file". One of these commands must be found in the log after an attempt to start a debug session.

You should also check that the link time addresses from your elf file match the actual execution addresses. Disassemble the elf, or simply import it in Image Info view, and check that the addresses for code sections are where you expect them to be.

One more check would be to verify that breakpoints are enabled in the Breakpoints view in eclipse. If they are disabled, we'll need to figure out why.

It would be really helpful if you'd attach the contents of the GDB traces log in the failing situation.

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