LPC54016 - MCAN message sddress sugestion

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LPC54016 - MCAN message sddress sugestion

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I try to run CAN interface, but in MCAN driver is problem with assert:


Address from 0x04000000 is points to the APB, because it is universal assert for other MCU families?

This assert checks if the declared memory is in the correct range, but the memory range doesn't indicate SRAMX (address from 0x0)



MCAN driver is prepared default to use address from 0x1000 (so it's a SRAMX), in this topic I find the same information:


That mean, there is a bug in ASSER in MCAN driver?


Of course I can change the memory address to allowed in Pin tool perspective, but still can't use SRAMX (without driver modification).


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Adrian,

MCUXpresso SDK MSCAN examples are external flash plain load demos, this means that ROM will copy image in external flash to SRAMX to run. Please check section 17.8.4 Plain Load Image in the MCUXpresso IDE User Guide for more details.

I believe this is the reason the MSCAN drivers are preventing to use SRAMX as message address in the function you were referring.

Best regards,




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Thanks for answer.

Yes, it's possible, but it would not be better to immediately write to SRAMX (the program can be loaded directly from an external FLASH without having to load it into RAM) and as an example address the MCAN buffer to SRAM_1?

It would be more intuitive.

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