IDE v11.2.1, "LinkServer not found" for LPC-Link2 on Windows10 machine

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IDE v11.2.1, "LinkServer not found" for LPC-Link2 on Windows10 machine

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I installed (and reinstalled x2) MCUXpresso v11.2.1 and I am trying to connect to a LPC-Link2 debugger board probe which I have recently purchased. I have a program which I successfully compiled and each time I try to debug on the target I receive the error below:


I have already installed the LPC-Link2 drivers and I have successfully run LPCScrypt to install the CMSIS-DAP firmware on the LPC-Link2 hardware.

On my hardware maanger page from Windows 10, I can see the LPC-Link2 device.


I am using the default settings on MCUXpresso and I am baffled as to why it cannot detect the LPC-Link2 probe.

I have also tried using a LPCXpresso LPC1115 rev.A board and MCUXpresso can detect this board/probe and it can debug okay, but it doesn't terminate normally (but that's another issue).

I want to know how I can debug and fix the issue of MCUXpresso not being able to detect the LPC-Link2 probe. Let me know what steps or debugging info you need to help diagnose/fix this problem.


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I found a partial solution to my problem on this page:

"LPC-Link2 fails to enumerate with CMSIS-DAP firmware"

Reason: It turns out I was still using the version of the LPC USB drivers from 2015. I had installed the new driver package before, but it had not automatically uninstalled or overwritten the old drivers. I manually uninstalled the new drivers, but the link to the new drivers in the above page is dead. You can download the latest version from the bottom of the following page:

(actual link:

Finally, MCUxpresso can recognize the LPC-Link2 debugger.

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