How to launch MCUXpresso on Debian/LXDE.

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How to launch MCUXpresso on Debian/LXDE.

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This may sound stupid, but I don't know how to launch MCUXpresso IDE.

I downloaded the binary (mcuxpressoide-11.2.0_4120.x86_64.deb.bin) and it installed fine on my Debian 10.1 system using LXDE desktop. It required fixing a couple of dependencies but Synaptic reports it's now OK. However, there's no new entry in the Launch Menu, and no new .desktop entry in /usr/share/applications/.

I've tried invoking every permutation of MCUXpresso on the commandline I can think of (mcuxpresso, MCUXpressoIDE, mcuxpressoide) but only get "command not found".

When I turn to the User Guide, Section 3.1 of IDE Overview simply says "When you first launch MCUXpresso IDE ..." But it doesn't say HOW! Could you please enlighten me? Most grateful for any assistance.


After using dpkg to discover the files installed, I finally located the binary at:


After creating mcuxpresso.desktop in /usr/share/applications/ it now launches from the LXDE Launch Menu.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Phirun:

Thanks for your sharing. You can refer to MCUXpresso IDE installation guider for how to lauch MCUXpresso IDE.