Flash driver file not found error on imxrt1060

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Flash driver file not found error on imxrt1060

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Hi people,
I am working on NXP MIMXRT1060-EVK Board and I am using MCUXpresso IDE. I am facing issue in flashing the binary to the board using the Debug option of the IDE. It shows error "Flash Driver file not found." & "Wire ACK Fault in DAP Access". Though I am able to flash through Drag-and-Drop Method. Kindly help if you have faced and overcome same issue.
Also, I want to know is it required to flash on QSPI Flash or Hyper Flash will work.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


I believe Alice has mistaken your question for one about the iMXRT1050.

The SDK for the iMXRT1060 does not ship with a flash driver for the on board external QSPI flash.  However the example project reference a driver that ships with MCUXpresso IDE version 10.2.1 (the latest version). I suggest you update to this version to (automatically) use the supplied referenced driver.

Please note: If you experience any wire ack faults after flash programming (when using the default DAPLink debug connection), I suggest you change the Reset Handling to 'VECTRESET'...

Alternatively you can make the J42 link on this board to force DFU-Boot of the onboard debug probe. In this configuration the IDE will boot LPC-Link2 firmware onto this debug probe. This will lead to much faster operation. Note however that the board must be powered externally in this configuration and the SW1 link(s) set to the top position.  Remember if the Green LED by SW1 is not lit, the MCU will not be powered.


MCUXpresso IDE Support

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