Downgrade workspace to version 10?

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Downgrade workspace to version 10?

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How do I downgrade my workspace to version 10 from version 11?  I've had it with version 11, it is utterly broken.  I've spent more time fixing/working around/debugging the tool in the last week since I upgraded than I have done actual work on my code.  I'm fed up.

Can I downgrade the workspace or do I have to just take the hit and recreate all my projects?

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Hi @alannilsson ,

- if you want to preserve your current workspace settings (colors, text editor settings, etc) and you have made changes to the preferences, you can export and import them again, see

- you do *not* have to recreate your projects! See . I keep workspace and project directories separate, so I can easily move between Eclipse versions. I suggest the same for you.

- So you can go to your workspace location (in case you don't know where it is: ) and copy/use the projects from there.

- import your existing projects. There are several ways, including drag&drop, see


I hope this helps,


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