After GUI-guider to MCUXpresso

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After GUI-guider to MCUXpresso

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Hi friends,

I am currently working on a project using the following environment:

-NXP RT1060

-MCUXpresso IDE v11.7.1 [Build 9221] [2023-03-28]


Initially, I used GUI-guider to design my user interface and exported the project to MCUXpresso for further design. However, I encountered a problem.

Now, I would like to add events to control component actions. Should I add event files in the source files or in the generated files or something else?

And what should I do first? I have limited knowledge of MCUXpresso IDE, but I have to use it for design.

would greatly appreciate it if someone could lprovide guidance.



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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello Yuan1,
You can add an event program to the "events_init.c" file.
If you want to add a new event, you can do this:

1. Add events to your GUI-guider project.
2. Re-generate the GUI-guider project program, after which the contents of the "events_init.c" file in the GUI-guider project will be updated, and the file will contain more event programs that you have added.
3. You can add events by comparing the updated "events_init.c" with "events_init.c" in your MCUXpresso project.


Xu Zhang

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