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QN9080SIP-DK blocked

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I am working on a QN9080SIP based project.

I bought a QN9080SIP-DK board. I was able to compile/debug on the board.

After I configure hardware (I used MCUXpresso Config Tools) to enable external 32MHz clock and disable internal oscillator. The problem is that the generated code disable OSC32M before enable external clock.

After I upload the compiled code, I am no more able to access the board to download program/debug.

Is there some way I can solve this?

This is the MCUXpresso Config Tools generated code:

void BOARD_BootClockRUN(void)
    /*!< Power up/Power down the module. */
    POWER_EnablePD(kPDRUNCFG_PD_RCO32K);       /*!< Power down RCO32K */
    POWER_EnablePD(kPDRUNCFG_PD_OSC32M);       /*!< Power down OSC32M */

    /*!< Set up clock selectors - Attach clocks to the peripheries */
    CLOCK_AttachClk(k32M_to_XTAL_CLK);                  /*!< Switch XTAL_CLK to 32M */
    CLOCK_AttachClk(kXTAL32K_to_32K_CLK);                  /*!< Switch 32K_CLK to XTAL32K */
    CLOCK_AttachClk(kXTAL_to_SYS_CLK);                  /*!< Switch SYS_CLK to XTAL */
    CLOCK_AttachClk(kAPB_to_WDT_CLK);                  /*!< Switch WDT_CLK to APB */

    /*!< Set up dividers */
    CLOCK_SetClkDiv(kCLOCK_DivXtalClk, 0U);                  /*!< Set XTAL_DIV divider to value 1 */
    CLOCK_SetClkDiv(kCLOCK_DivAhbClk, 0U);                  /*!< Set AHB_DIV divider to value 1 */
    CLOCK_SetClkDiv(kCLOCK_DivFrg1, 0U);                  /*!< Set FRG_MULT1 to value 0, Set FRG_DIV1 to value 255 */
    CLOCK_SetClkDiv(kCLOCK_DivFrg0, 0U);                  /*!< Set FRG_MULT0 to value 0, Set FRG_DIV0 to value 255 */
    CLOCK_SetClkDiv(kCLOCK_DivApbClk, 0U);                  /*!< Set APB_DIV divider to value 1 */

    /*!< Enable/Disable clock out source and pins.*/

    /*!< Enable/Disable the specified peripheral clock.*/


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Davide, I hope you're doing well!


If the code you flashed to the QN9080 board uses Sleep Mode, sometimes the board enters that mode before you can program it.


To circumvent this, you can short the ISP mode jumper from your board, download your program using MCUXpresso, and then remove the jumper from the board and reset so that the processor can run the code normally again.


Best regards,


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