Linking MultiCore Binaries on LPC43S37

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Linking MultiCore Binaries on LPC43S37

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First off, apologies if this has been asked elsewhere and if it has can someone kindly point me at a link.

I'm using LPCXpresso 11.0.0_2516 and have created just two projects: one for each core on my LPC 43S37 Xpresso board (OM13073).

First I created  project called sieve_m0 and selected LPC43S37-M0 as the processor type and LPC_18x7_43x7_2x512_BootB.cfx as the linker script. I created this as type M0APP.

Then I created a second project called sieve_m4, set the board to LPCXpresso 43S37, set the linker to LPC_18x7_43x7_2x512_BootA.cfx and the processor type to LPC43S37 (to target the M4). In the wizard, I set M0APP to point to sieve_m0 and set M0APP to load from FLASH not RAM.


I can build the sieve_m0 with no problems. I have not added any code yet; I just want to check that it all builds without me messing around.

If I try to build the M4 project I get an error (again as it has been generated - no code of my own added yet):

ld.exe: M0APP execute address differs from address provided in source image.

I've attached two images showing my settings page for each project.

Can someone tell me what I've done wrong, please?



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Did you follow the procedure outlined in the (pretty comprehensive) MCUXpresso User Guide - chapter 19.

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