Faster compile/flash than the GUI Flash Tool

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Faster compile/flash than the GUI Flash Tool

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Hi, I'm using the i.MX1060 EVK board and MCUExpresso.

I'm working on a hardware design that can't be simulated well on desktop, so I have to do a lot of compile/flash cycles to test on the evaluation board directly.

So currently, after making any change, I have to:

  1. click build on the toolbar
  2. click the project name in my workspace so it is in focus (the GUI flash tool icon will not be active otherwise)
  3. click the GUI Flash Tool button on the toolbar and wait for probe discovery to happen
  4. Click OK on probe discovery 
  5. Click Run on GUI Flash Tool dialog and wait for programming to happen
  6. Click ok on "Operation Completed!" 

There has to be a faster way! Can you help me understand how to flash in one button or keyboard shortcut?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

In addition to the fully feature functionality of the GUI Flash Tool (which will always trigger a probe discovery), you can also use the "Program Flash action ..." option on the Debug shortcuts in the Quickstart Panel, as described in section 12.3.1, "Debug Quickstart Shortcuts". For further details also see 12.3.6, "Project Flash Programming" in the MCUXpresso IDE v11.0 User Guide.

Alternatively, you can just launch a debug session - which will generally trigger and build then launch a debug session (including automatically programming flash as the debug session starts).


MCUXpresso IDE Support

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