How to Use Bookmark

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How to Use Bookmark

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How to Use Bookmark

Many customer have a problem about that the bookmarks lost when import their projects into another workspace,you can find answer in this document.

Bookmark is a simple way to navigate to resources that are used frequently.  Especially when there are many files and code in our project, adding Bookmark helps to enhance working efficiency. We can add bookmarks in individual files, also can create bookmarks for specific lines of text or source code or within a file.


I use MCUXpresso IDE as a demonstration,  Bookmarks is the feature of Eclipse, so KDS and CW are the same.


This DOC mainly includes three parts:

  1.      How to add and view Bookmark on MCUXpresso IDE.
  2.      How to keep bookmarks when open project in another workspace.
  3.      How to create shortcut for Bookmark. 



Alice Yang

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