Unable to find ADC peripheral for MKE04Z8VWJ4 in MCUXpresso.

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Unable to find ADC peripheral for MKE04Z8VWJ4 in MCUXpresso.

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Dear Members,

        I am Using MCUXpresso to write a code for MKE04Z8VWJ4 part and I want to use 2 pins as an ADC.

I have selected ADC as pin function for PTA1 and PTA0 from pin configuration. 

        Actually I want to generate ADC interrupt but couldn't find ADC in Peripherals list ( Image attached ).

Can you guide me how to Create ADC configuration and how to write a code to measure ADC voltage? 


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello @manisht_24 ,


The MCUXpresso Config Tool doesn’t support KE04 with peripheral config for the ADC, however you can use an example from a K06 that contains ADC examples on the SDK in order to use it as a guide (guide only) for the ADC configuration, taking on a count that some register values will defer so also while looking on the example have you reference manual for KE04 in order to verify register values.


Reference Manual KE04


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