MK41Z I2C Bus Implementation

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MK41Z I2C Bus Implementation

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Hi!  Where can I find information and examples on how to implement a I2C bus using both a master and slave configuration?  The examples should be using the functions in Serial Manager.c file.

One issue I have in the Master configuration is the slave address appears to be locked in:

/* Defines the address of the slave when in master mode*/
#ifndef gSerialMgrIICAddress_c
#define gSerialMgrIICAddress_c (0x76)

I would like to be able to select more than one slave.

Second as the slave how is the slave address set?  I'm using the MK41Z for both.

I'm looking at this, but I'm having a difficult time correlating the serialmanager.c and this .html.

I appreciate the help!

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Hello!  I hope you day is going well.  I appreciate the help.  Can you tell how to get the frdmkw41z SDK examples into MCUXpresso?

I have this:




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I found my problem.  I didn't have a check mark next to the SDK_2x_FRDM-KW41Z at the bottom middle: 


The SDK_2.x_MKW41z512xxx4 doesn't have the same examples...

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport



Hope you are doing well. The Serial Manager is one of the Framework Services Provided by the Connectivity Framework software. You can use it to communicate with multiple serial interfaces and works with the connectivity stacks.

For more information, please check section 9 of the "Connectivity Framework Reference Manual.pdf" (Path:\docs\wireless\Common). Also, this Community post might be helpful: Enable I2C Serial Interface in Bluetooth KW41Z Heart Rate Sensor Demo Application.

And there is only one address to be used for I2C (gSerialMgrIICAddress_c).


The link you shared, corresponds to the SDK API. You can import the driver examples from the SDK:



Best Regards,


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